Why does your organization need Arlington Laboratory?

  • Understand how technologies, products and systems compare to competitive offerings.
  • Give critical decision makers the information needed for key strategic decisions.
  • Select the right technology for your application domain.
  • Guarantee successful implementations by optimizing all critical design parameters.
  • Increase core competency by distributing comprehensive technical treatises to key staff.
  • Demonstrate to customers that critical technologies are well understood and well managed.

Arlington Laboratory delivers world-class technical analysis services ...

  • Competitive Technology Compare/Contrast Reports
  • Technology Utility and Applicability Assessments
  • Control Network Performance Analyses
  • Data and Information Flow Analyses
  • Subsystem and System Requirements Development
  • Electronics, Software and Control System Impact Studies
  • Object-Oriented Modeling Development
  • Technology Design, Management and Marketing Analysis Reports

... centered in our fields of
technical expertise.

Arlington Laboratory has earned a great deal of respect as an independent research laboratory; some of the analysis reports provided to clients have achieved world acclaim. Although we have written analyses on a wide variety of topics, our most notable work has been in the area of control networks and distributed intelligence architectures for highly automated systems.

Our expertise in electronics, software, control theory, digital communications, control networks, object-oriented modeling and semiconductor process measurement and control form the basis by which Arlington Laboratory has produced the most comprehensive analysis reports serving manufacturers, designers, integrators and users of intelligent systems and subsystems.

Client comments include: "comprehensive and concise" ... "written beautifully to address both technical and non-technical audiences" ... "a real eye-opener " ... "[the report] saved us from making a big mistake" ... and, one of our favorite comments, "profoundly significant".