Why does your business need Arlington Laboratory?

  • Identify, qualify and quantify key semiconductor manufacturing system opportunities.
  • Avoid being blind-sided by competitive or replacement technologies.
  • Improve your competitive advantage by aligning technologies and product families with customer needs.
  • Prioritize product development/enhancements based on: customer need, competitive pressures, technology risks and potential profits.
  • Spark customer interest with targeted messages that demonstrate state-of-the-art solutions and technical proficiency.
  • Forge lasting and mutually profitable relationships with customers.
  • Quickly and efficiently penetrate new markets with technical alliances and strategic partnerships.
  • Develop and use strategic industry standards to create new market opportunities.

Arlington Laboratory delivers valuable strategic marketing services ...

  • Technical Evaluation of Market Potential
  • Customer Needs Assessments
  • Optimized Product Specifications
  • Powerful Well-Targeted Advertising Messages
  • Key Customer Identification, Introduction and Representation
  • Meaningful Alpha and Beta Testing Strategies
  • Strategic Partnerships Identification and Assessment
  • "Needs of the Customer" Represented throughout Product Development
  • Technical Standards - Driven, Developed and Implemented

Clients often depend on Arlington Laboratory to provide strategic direction for the successful deployment of ideal products and technologies. We have helped many companies to identify and technically evaluate new markets, and restructure product lines to optimize their competitive advantage.

Our competitive/threatening technology research is a very popular service our clients have used to make critical business decisions, initiate preemptive programs and avoid unanticipated risk.

Another strategic marketing tool we offer is the service of identification and implementation of strategically positioned technical standards. We have a long history of successfully driving and developing key technical standards that have served to advance industries as well as create new markets and marketing opportunities for our clients.

Our knowledge, experience and longtime relationships with many of the largest and most progressive manufacturers, designers and users of intelligent and automated devices, systems and subsystems has ideally qualified us to recognize, and help our clients seize, key opportunities.