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Providing Expert Technology Consulting since 1993

Core Strengths

Our core technical strengths are centered in the design of electronics hardware and software for embedded measurement and control and the design and implementation of high-reliability control network protocols. We specialize in microprocessor & DSP based systems, low-level analog measurements, control communication networks, and power conversion. Arlington Laboratory is recognized throughout the world for being a leader in:

  • The conceptualization and simplification of complex control architectures.
  • The design of sophisticated electronic devices and subsystems.
  • The design of embedded measurement and control systems.
  • The deployment of cost effective, high-reliability solutions.

Arlington Laboratory provides world-class engineering solutions in electronics hardware and software.

We excel in the area of project management. Arlington Laboratory has enjoyed great success managing customers' multi-million dollar programs and leading engineering staffs of hundreds. We are familiar and comfortable with all levels of project management, from small single tasks, to complex projects.

Our engineers, mathematicians and physicists are at the leading edge of advancement in connection-based communications technologies. Our models and designs have had significant impact in the area of field networking strategies, architectures, and designs the world over. Some of our technical assessment reports have been referenced by entire industries and have led the way to international industry-wide standards.

Arlington Laboratory is known worldwide for great success in the design and deployment of embedded measurement and control solutions.



Since 1993, Arlington Laboratory has been leading the way in the design of instrumentation, embedded controllers, sensor integration, control networks and automated systems. We have served some of the biggest names in a wide variety of markets, including: industrial, automation, process, semiconductor, automotive, metrology, security and power generation.

Arlington Laboratory takes great pride in being able to say that, "We have never had a dissatisfied customer." A representative list of Arlington Laboratory customers can be found on our Customer Links page.

Throughout North America, Europe and Asia, Arlington Laboratory is well recognized for its expertise in the design and deployment of sensing and actuation systems and subsystems. Some of our work in the area of advanced control network architectures has been published as international standards.



Arlington Laboratory was founded in February, 1993 by Daniel R. Judd whose reputation in the semiconductor manufacturing industry was established while Vice President of Engineering for MKS Instruments in the late '80s and early '90s.

It was decided right from the start that Arlington Laboratory would maintain its agility by keeping lean; managing resource loading through a network of subcontractors and partner service providers. This has proven to be an effective strategy for increasing our bandwidth without increasing our overhead. Our clients deal with a single supplier while leveraging the resources of a well-established global network of experts.

Arlington Laboratory has its beginnings in the semiconductor manufacturing industry where state-of-the-art technologies and cost-effective reliability are prime motivators. However, as word of Arlington Laboratory's reputation spread, so did our growth. We now serve many markets, including: industrial, automation, process, semiconductor, automotive, metrology, security and power generation.



Arlington Laboratory was responsible for starting the Sensor Bus Standards program at Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI). Mr. Judd served as chairman of the Sensor Bus Subcommittee (1993-2008) and published, with the help of over 100 international members, the "E54 Sensor Bus Suite of Standards". These standards paved the way for the adoption of device-level control networking on semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Arlington Laboratory's electronic hardware and embedded software designs are powering today's communications and control evolution in the semiconductor manufacturing industry and the process automation industry. Our designs are running in over a million devices in the field today.

A control network technical analysis report sponsored by SEMATECH and published by Arlington Laboratory in the mid-1990s has been credited for the decision by one of the world's largest semiconductor front-end equipment supplier to fully commit all of their 300mm platforms to the described control network platform.

Throughout the mid 1990's, Arlington Laboratory was on contract directly to the board of directors of Tylan General. We were instrumental in restructuring the Tylan technology base for IPO, and ultimately, the buyout of the company by Millipore Microelectronics.

Arlington Laboratory founded the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA) Semiconductor Special Interest Group responsible for publishing a set of industry specific software models, developing a set of industry specific implementation guidelines, and establishing an accompanying independent conformance test center. Mr. Judd served as chairman (1996-2009) of this technical committee with over 150 members worldwide.

You will not find Arlington Laboratory advertised in magazines or exhibiting at trade shows; for over two decades, our success has come entirely from referrals and repeat customers.