Meet the Founder ...

Daniel R. Judd
President & CTO

Arlington Laboratory

Daniel R. Judd received his BSEE degree with Honors and a minor in Writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While at MIT, he did his research in robotics control algorithms and was inducted into the Eta Kappa Nu honor society for outstanding scholastic achievement in the EE field.

Mr. Judd is published in the fields of automation, control, and deterministic networking, and he holds several patents in fields ranging from electronic circuits to molecular gas flow.


Who is Dan

Dan grew up in New England with a love of hockey and electronics. Prior to college, Dan worked as a startup engineer field servicing power plants throughout the U.S. with chief responsibility for steam-cycle water analysis systems (monitor, control, calibration, safety interlock, and control room interface). At college, Dan excelled at academics and research while earning money designing memory systems for a large Boston area computer company. Dan played hockey into his 30's then turned to tennis and a little of what he calls golf.


Focus at MIT: electromagnetic radiation and control software for robotics. Dan spent the next 11 years designing measurement and control instrumentation while growing in executive responsibilities (chief engineer 4 yrs, vice president 3 yrs), before founding Arlington Laboratory.

He is an expert electrical engineer in low-level analog circuitry and microcontroller-based digital circuitry. Additionally, his DC/DC power conversion designs have set records for size, efficiency, stability, and ripple. He holds patents for circuits related to process interfacing and temperature compensation, as well as, for a revolutionary method based on first principles for the precise measurement of gas mass flow rate.

Dan is also an accomplished software programmer. From the early days of assembly language and DOS/BIOS programming to today's object-oriented, multithreaded, platform-based, and mobile applications, Dan's work is always distinguished by performance, efficiency, scalability, and maintainability. Although proficient in many languages, his particular field of distinction is in C programming for embedded applications.

Dan's proficiency in mathematics has resulted in self-tuning, adaptive multidimensional curve-fit, embedded control applications, and in robust models for agency approved safety probability calculations based on universally accepted code theory.

Since 1993, Dan has been leading the success of Arlington Laboratory as president and chief technical officer.

Leading International Standards

Mr. Judd is a principle architect and author of industry standards for: International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), CC-Link Partners Association (CLPA), Integrated Measurement Association (IMA), Profibus Trade Organization (PTO), EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG), and others.

Mr. Judd has served as: chairman of the SEMI Sensor Bus Subcommittee ('93-'08); founder and chairman of the ODVA Semiconductor Special Interest Group ('96-'09); and founding chairman of the EtherCAT Technology Group Semiconductor Technical Working Group ('11-'13). Each represented hundreds of members worldwide focused on device-level networking for equipment and process control. Mr. Judd is personally responsible for hundreds of pages of technical specifications, industry-specific implementation guidelines and conformance test methods.

Today, Dan serves as United States National Committee appointed expert for the IEC Technical Committee 65, Industrial process measurement, control and automation - working groups for: protocol, installation, and functional safety ('05-present). He is recipient of the 2018 prestigious IEC 1906 Award as "an important technical contributor to developments on extended models and equations".

Arlington Laboratory Corporation

In February of 1993, with a background of over 15 years in industrial measurement and control electronics (as design engineer, chief engineer, consulting engineer, and vice president of engineering) Mr. Judd set out on his own and founded Arlington Laboratory serving today as president and chief technology officer.

Arlington Laboratory is a leading provider of embedded electronic and software designs for measurement and control, and a chief contributor to today's most advanced communications designs and standards – founded by combining the expertise of staff with the needs of customers.

Without advertising, the longevity of the company's success is rooted in Mr. Judd's philosophy to "Make sure every customer is 100% satisfied and they will speak for us."