Arlington Laboratory Corporation
World-Class Technology Consulting


Complete product development services for instrumentation, electronics, and software. Contract engineers specializing in electronic hardware and embedded software for measurement, control, and communications. Engineering expertise in circuit design and deployment. Programming proficiency at all levels in most languages. Reliability, safety, and profitability studies. Project management/leadership at any scale.

Sign us on at any stage in your process. Let us identify, define, create, design, develop, optimize, implement, assure quality, support and improve your new or existing products and services. We specialize in: market driven definitions, circuit design engineering (analog, digital, micro, power), analytic and applied mathematics, software programming (embedded, platform, mobile, cloud), and product related infrastructure strategies (manufacturing, sales, field support).


Our hardware/software is running in more than a million devices today!

  • Design Consulting
  • Contract Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Project Management
  • QC and Process Efficiency
  • Measurement and Control
  • Circuit Design and Software
  • Embedded Micro Systems
  • Industrial Networks
  • Mobile and Cloud Services


The Mission

Arlington Laboratory is committed to providing a maximized return on investment
in technology consulting services for precision highly automated systems and devices
with our proven in-depth experience at all levels of the development process.

Our mission is to substantially improve our client's competitive advantage through
opportunity identification, technology innovation, efficient deployment and speed-to-market.


Founded on the expertise of our staff.
Focused on the needs of our customer.



Established in 1993. Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED.